España Teatro – Visual Identity

España Teatro asked me to create her brand image. I found inspiration through the hand movement of flamenco dance that I develop in a graphic sign like a letter E


Bosco – Cd Artwork

Art Direction and Graphic for a new cd of italian band Bosco. Illustration by Natalie Foss


Distorted Vector-Effect

A new illustrator “shape mesh” to distort your vector (text, logo, etc…) like this image that i’ve made with it


Letterpress Business Card Mockup

Letterpress Business Card Mockup


Studio Dentistico Pellicano – Brand Identity

The Pellicano family managed this studio for over 20 years and asked me to re-brand their image starting from the logo to the brand image and the interior design of the studio.


Naif Herin – Metamorfosi Artwork Cd

Naif asked me to create something that would have represented a linear and elegant visual.


Vijaya – Visual Identity

Vijaya is an Editorial and Media Group based in Rome (Italy) that asked me to create his own Visual Identity.


Lambiase – Tutto quello che

Lorenzo asked me to create something that would have represented his bond to the Roman suburbs.


Michele Letterpress

Michele Letterpress is the really italian typography. Since 1956 - www.micheleletterpress.it


Generazione XL 2013 – Poster Design

A series of posters for an italian music festival (Generazione XL - sponsored by music magazine Repubblica XL).


Teatro degli Orrori | Photo Book

Editorial Design for photo book “Teatro degli Orrori”. Photo by Daniele Bianchi Available here: concertinalive.bigcartel.com


France Theatre – La Revue du Professeur du Français

Editorial Design for a France Theatre “La Revue du Professeur de Français” 2011-2012


Masoko – Le Vostre Speranze non Saranno Deluse

Creative project for an italian band called Masoko. Photo by Annalaura Masciavé


The Shadow Line – I Giorni dell’Idrogeno

Project for the band The Shadow Line. The concept follows the idea of the name of the band with this special packaging with a fold angle for the cd pack.