The Great Type Designers

Now on juniqeartshop are available my new series “The Great Font Designers”. Seven great figures of the past (Gutenberg, Bodoni, Garamond, Renner, Miedinger, Didot and Gill) that have changed the world of graphic design, reinterpreted by me.


España Teatro – Visual Identity

España Teatro asked me to create her brand image. I found inspiration through the hand movement of flamenco dance that I develop in a graphic sign like a letter E


Bosco – Cd Artwork

Art Direction and Graphic for a new cd of italian band Bosco. Illustration by Natalie Foss


Distorted Vector-Effect

A new illustrator “shape mesh” to distort your vector (text, logo, etc…) like this image that i’ve made with it


Letterpress Business Card Mockup

Letterpress Business Card Mockup


Studio Dentistico Pellicano – Brand Identity

The Pellicano family managed this studio for over 20 years and asked me to re-brand their image starting from the logo to the brand image and the interior design of the studio.


Naif Herin – Metamorfosi Artwork Cd

Naif asked me to create something that would have represented a linear and elegant visual.


Vijaya – Visual Identity

Vijaya is an Editorial and Media Group based in Rome (Italy) that asked me to create his own Visual Identity.


Lambiase – Tutto quello che

Lorenzo asked me to create something that would have represented his bond to the Roman suburbs.


Michele Letterpress

Michele Letterpress is the really italian typography. Since 1956 - www.micheleletterpress.it


Generazione XL 2013 – Poster Design

A series of posters for an italian music festival (Generazione XL - sponsored by music magazine Repubblica XL).


Teatro degli Orrori | Photo Book

Editorial Design for photo book “Teatro degli Orrori”. Photo by Daniele Bianchi Available here: concertinalive.bigcartel.com


France Theatre – La Revue du Professeur du Français

Editorial Design for a France Theatre “La Revue du Professeur de Français” 2011-2012


Masoko – Le Vostre Speranze non Saranno Deluse

Creative project for an italian band called Masoko. Photo by Annalaura Masciavé


The Shadow Line – I Giorni dell’Idrogeno

Project for the band The Shadow Line. The concept follows the idea of the name of the band with this special packaging with a fold angle for the cd pack.